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Françoise Bolli, glass design, light, art glass

Françoise Bolli


Glass seems so easy, that is why it is difficult.

Approached by glass via stained glass, Françoise Bolli is constantly seeking new sensitive and technical approaches in relation to this formidable, magical, marvelous, surprising, deceptive and demanding substance.

Is there a material that has as much potential as glass?

Glass, your surface is lost in your thickness, your form blends with your background, confusing container and content. Mystery of transparency...

Glass attracts and excites him not only for its enchanting capacities of transparency, but particularly for the plural potential of this medium.

Glass requires vigilance, working it is a constant challenge to balance its own characteristics with those of intention, technique and a poetic dimension.

It is in her laboratory in Yverdon-les-Bains (she prefers this name to that of workshop) that Françoise Bolli develops, explores, researches and discovers new avenues.

His work plays on the border between art and craft! In addition, it is often related to the architectural field.

Françoise Bolli glass artist light
_Aut lux nata est, aux capta hic libera regnat_.jpg
Ajustement glass art design Francoise bolli
Rêve et là ! art glass design Francoise Bolli
Chapelle st-nicolas, Nidau photo©Daniel Mueller.jpg
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